Blue Tower Music
New Superface Single!?!
2016-09-27: A single that in no way foreshadows the upcoming album Superface II can now be heard here.
Blue Tower Music DW-CTRL Demo
FTL Releases Video for Interstelar Dust Cloud
The Latest Release is the First FTL Album Recorded
2016-03-01: Have "A Drink from the Erlenmeyer Flask" and see what happens!
FTL Releases "Anomaly" EP!
2016-02-24: We are happy to announce the release of FTL EP "Anomaly", which was recorded during a period of daily DOOM II sessions, which has left its musical mark.
FTL Releases Follow-Up to "There"
2016-02-21: The new FTL release "Here" is the second and closing part of the two album series that opened with "There". Enjoy!
Cheesy Space Trip
2016-02-19: FTL invites you to the Automated Recreational Planetoid!
Jovian Slugs and FTL Release Split Single
2016-02-14: FTL song Auter has been impossible to integrate into recent or upcoming FTL releases due to its somber nature, and the same is true for Jovian Slugs track Volt, which is far from the hectic tonal display typical of that band. The tracks have a lot in common, however. Listen to Auter/Volt here.
Superface Debut
2016-02-13: The eponymous first EP is available now!
Blue Tower Music Online
2016-02-12: Blue Tower Music is finally online and the first record, "There" by FTL, is released and available for download. Enjoy, and stay tuned for further releases!